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The Black Mages II:
The Skies Above

FF The Black Mages

Cover image taken from Square Enix's site

  • Square Enix catalog number:
    (released 12/22/04)
  • Square Enix re-release: SQEX-10111
    (released 3/19/08)

  • KO Records: KO-99046
  • Miya Records: MICA-0400
    11 tracks
    Total playing time: 50:55
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    This album compiles selected battle themes from various Final Fantasy games. The tracks are all arranged hard-rock style by Nobuo Uematsu. Head over to Square Enix's site for more info on this CD, including two sample tracks.

    Several live concerts were held in Japan featuring these arrangements in January 2005.

    Square Enix re-release: The liner notes have the tracklist in English; lyrics to "Otherworld" and "The Skies Above" in English; and artwork of dragons. Strangely enough, the credits for the band itself -- as in who is playing what instrument -- are printed underneath the CD tray. The tray is clear so you can easily see that there is text there, but it's also printed right in the center, so the prongs that hold the CD are blocking the view of the text. All other CD and music production credits are printed in the liner notes.

    1The Rocking Grounds (Final Fantasy III)
    Arrangement of "BATORU 1"
    2Zeromus (Final Fantasy IV)
    Arrangement of "Saigo no tatakai"
    3Vamo' Alla Flamenco
    (Final Fantasy IX)
    4Hunter's Chance (Final Fantasy IX)
    Arrangement of "HANTAA CHANSU"
    (Final Fantasy X)
    6Matoya's Cave (Final Fantasy)
    Arrangement of "MATOOYA no doukutsu"
    7The Man with the Machine Gun
    (Final Fantasy VIII)
    8Maybe I'm A Lion
    (Final Fantasy VIII)
    9Battle with the Four Fiends (Final Fantasy IV)
    Arrangement of "GORUBEEZA shitennou to no BATORU"
    10The Skies Above (Final Fantasy X)
    Arrangement of "ZANARUKANDO nite"
    11Blue Blast - Prelude to Victory
    Almost totally unrelated to Final Fantasy, this is the entrance song of Japanese pro wrestler Takehiro Murahama, composed by Uematsu

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