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Eyes On Me

(Final Fantasy VIII theme)

Eyes On Me

  • Toshiba EMI catalog number:
    (released 2/24/99 by Toshiba-Emi Ltd.)
  • Taiwan EMI catalog number:
  • EMI/CRSC catalog number:
    Sung by Faye Wong

    3 tracks
    Total playing time: 15:45
    (14:59 in EMI/CRSC version)

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    Sheet music from Gamemusic.com

    This 3-inch CD single features the song "Eyes On Me" from the Final Fantasy VIII game for the PlayStation. The shrinkwrap has a bright pink sticker on the outside. The sticker says, among other things, "Sony PlayStation game soft, Final Fantasy VIII, TODT-5271." This song has appeared numerous times on various other CDs, including the Japanese version of Faye Wong's album "Chan You"; remixed versions on Dancemania albums; and a live version on Faye Wong's "HK tour" album. You can get more info on those and many other albums at my misc. CDs page.

    Toshiba inside cover: Track list; lyrics in English and Japanese (kana) to "Eyes On Me"

    Taiwan EMI inside cover: Track list; lyrics in English and kana to "Eyes On Me." Comes with a sheet that has the lyrics to "Eyes On Me" and "AKASHIA no mi" in Chinese characters. Also includes EMI customer survey card.

    EMI/CSRC version: This is a weird one that I got off Yahoo Japan. The cover is about 5 inches by 7 inches, and the CD is a full 5-inch one. Track names are in Chinese. The CD's three tracks DO NOT have the karaoke version of "Eyes On Me"'; the third track is sung in Chinese and is listed by its Chinese name, and I have no clue what it is. Inside cover has lyrics to "Eyes On Me" in English and Chinese, and lyrics to "Hong Dou" in Chinese.

    Interesting note: This is one of the few Final Fantasy-related CD that has an official Taiwan pressing. Faye Wong is a well-known Asian singer who comes from Hong Kong, I believe. The Taiwan release of "Eyes On Me" was published by the same company that released it in Japan. Being so, the sticker on the shrinkwrap is different; it's all in Chinese, for one thing.

    1Eyes On Me5:44
    2AKASHIA no mi (Acacia bean)
    Sung in Mandarin. Song title in Chinese is "Hong Dou."
    3Eyes On Me (instrumental)
    This track is different in the EMI/CRSC version.
    3The Obsession
    This is the third track in the EMI/CRSC version. I don't know what it is in Chinese, but it's been translated to "The Obsession."

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