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Final Fantasy XI
Original Soundtrack

Translated by Rei Miyasaka
All translations have been edited by the webmistress to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and paragraphs added to break up blocks of text.

Liner notes from Nobuo Uematsu

All of the "technology" built up on our long history allows us to do much more than humans alone could do. We can move around easily in cars, air conditioners let us live in comfort all year long. Even without tedious study, computers can quickly give us correct data, and help us write our text. Developing network games is also very glorious. You can travel around the world with people you've never met before. You can communicate freely with people from different countries, cultures, and religions. I think it brings us one step closer to John Lennon's world in "Imagine."

However, there are two sides to everything. Depending on which side you look at it from, you can have two completely opposite meanings. Cars make people no longer walk as much, which weakened our legs, The pollution we made from our rough use of resources is slowly attacking us. Air conditioners destroy our senses towards the four seasons, and computers don't even allow us to think.

The Internet (along with 'Net games), which has revolutionized communication with its superior speed, is also a bit scary, as it is the product of all that I've mentioned. You can talk to people even without seeing their faces, and even lie very easily.

You can even sway people's minds with a bit of writing talent, so people who gather in this area must have a strong will and good mind. As I've said before, I believe that the creation of net games is fabulous. If this world is the reason for many people to interact All of the developers will be happier than anything. Such a philosophy is the reason for the FFXI theme to be sung in an international language, Esperant.

- Nobuo Uematsu

Liner notes from Naoshi Mizuta

Some of you who are listening to this soundtrack probably haven't played Final Fantasy XI yet. As a network, you may have not gotten the courage to try it. To those people, I'd like to say one thing: "Please, try the game out!" This game has the ability to change your image of "games."

You may feel a slight shock the first time you play it. I think it's safe to say that that's how much of an impact this game has. Until now, all the sounds and visuals that you saw on your TV were projected from your console. But network games aren't like that. People from around the world are on the other side of that TV you sit in front of. The warrior standing beside your wizard is seeing exactly what you are seeing.

If it rains, it's not just raining on you; It's raininig on the world of Vana'diel. Yes, Vana'diel is a world that exists somewhere. Therefore, "Final Fantasy XI" is not really a game Rather you can call it a Vana'diel experience program. Vana'diel will keep changing.

Fortunately, the door to Vana'diel has just been opened. And, your actions at Vana'diel are recorded in history. I'm looking forward to the day we can all explore the world.

- Naoshi Mizuta

Liner notes from Kumi Tanioka

Last year. "Tanioka, we have a meeting from 3." "Huh? About what?" "You'll see." And in the meeting room were Uematsu and Mizuta. "Now, Tanioka-san. Do you want to try FFXI?" "Huh.".... I think that's how it all started. Final Fantasy XI was already in production, and I was just dazed. "This company sure is spontaneous..." is all I could say to myself, looking at the two.

I have many memories of Final Fantasy. My younger brother was hooked on it while I was in elementary school, he annoyed me because we only have one TV in the house, but I guess you can say that's how I came to be the way I am now. I was very bad at RPGs at the time, and I just watched my brother play. But I felt like I was playing, so it was fun. And maybe the music and sound effects got stuck in my head; I always remember that time when I hear them. Come to think of it, I used to think, "Making game music must be fun," but I never thought I'd be a composer in the future, let alone FFXI. I felt really happy to be part of it, but I also felt a lot of pressure. But as usual, with the help of many people, I was able to finish it.

Uematsu-san and Mizuta-san allowed me to do many of the pieces even though I joined partway through. Iwada-san and Kumada-san, the manipulators, helped me with the picky parts of composing. The sound effects, people gave me a lot of advice, as well as let me have some fun... (LOL). But most of all, I'd like to thank the people who gave me advice and skills before I joined the company and those people who always told me "good luck." I must have been very lucky. Hm? Then I better thank my parents, who first let me play music. Actually, I'd better thank everyone around me. No, maybe everyone who plays the game -- Maybe I'm going overboard (LOL). Well, I've never been serious in a while, so forgive me. Oh, and one more person. You in Osaka. I'd like to thank you most.

- Kumi Tanioka

Translation by Rei Miyasaka

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