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Final Fantasy XI: ARUTANA no Shinhei
Original Soundtrack

(Divine Soldiers of Altana;
Wings of the Goddess)

FF11 Wings of the Goddess soundtrack

  • Square Enix catalog number: SQEX-10113
    (released 4/23/08)
    Composed by Naoshi Mizuta

    25 tracks
    Total playing time: 77:56

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    Contains music from the fourth expansion set of Final Fantasy 11 Online for various game consoles and Windows computers, titled "ARUTANA no Shinhei" (Divine Soldiers of Altana), which has been called "Wings of the Goddess" in the U.S. release. Check out Square Enix's site for more on this CD (in Japanese).

    Square Enix version: The liner notes have the tracklist in English; a brief message from composer Naoshi Mizuta; and the rest of the pages are screenshots from the game. The center pages fold out to show even more screenshots inside. Also comes with a Square Enix point card and a flyer advertising the FF11 Piano Collections.

    1March of the Allied Forces3:01
    2Flowers on the Battlefield3:31
    3Roar of the Battle Drums2:55
    4Autumn Footfalls2:53
    5Griffons Never Die3:10
    6Clash of Standards1:56
    7Echoes of a Zephyr4:00
    8Thunder of the March4:27
    9Encampment Dreams4:07
    10The Cosmic Wheel4:12
    12On this Blade2:24
    13Young Griffons in Flight1:45
    14Run Maggot, Run!4:29
    15Cloister of Time and Souls1:33
    16Royal Wanderlust1:36
    17Under a Clouded Moon2:57
    18Where Lords Rule Not3:31
    19Kindred Cry3:24
    20Snowdrift Waltz3:14
    21Troubled Shadows5:19
    22Wings of the Goddess3:18
    -Bonus tracks-
    23Iron Colossus2:18
    25An Invisible Crown1:16

    Related works: CDs with arrangements of FF11: Wings of the Goddess tunes. All arrangements of the FF Prelude, FF Prologue, the Victory Theme, and the Chocobo Theme are listed with the FF1 soundtrack. For other FF11 arrangements, please check their respective pages.

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