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  • First pressing: N38D-010
    (released 4/21/92 under SQUARE BRAND)
  • Squaresoft catalog number: PSCN-5008
    (released 9/24/94 by NTT Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Squaresoft re-release NTCP-1001
    (released 5/23/01 by NTT/Square Sounds Co., Ltd.; CD ONLY)

  • EverAnime: GM-209
  • Top Circle/Yuanding: FF-08 (CD only)
  • Miya Records: MICA-0275 (CD only)
  • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
  • Arranged by Shiro Satou
  • Strings arranged by Osamu Satou
  • Performed by Toshiyuki Mori

    14 tracks
    Total playing time: 57:24

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    Contains piano versions of selected songs from Final Fantasy IV for the Super Nintendo (Super Famicom). The title of the last track on this CD changed slightly between printings. My current scanner isn't big enough to capture the entire book of the first two pressings, so I've had to make do with what I could get. (Why don't they make the scanning area of consumer scanners any bigger than A4 size?)

    First pressing/SQUARE BRAND version: Main track titles are in Japanese (kana) with English title renditions. (The English titles are not word-for-word translations of the Japanese, which is why I can't quite call them "translations.") The CD comes with a hardcover book that has sheet music to the songs; tracklist in English and Japanese (kana); a short paragraph describing each song and pointers explaining how to play the song; and a message from Nobuo Uematsu. Also includes a customer survey card. The cover of the book is blue-gray. The CD is stored in a plastic insert built into the cover of the book. The scores are for advanced piano players. These are DIFFERENT from the piano books sold by Doremi, which contain ONLY PIANO SCORES to ALL the music in the game.

    Squaresoft version: The CD also comes with a hardcover book with piano scores. Barring any corrections or slight text changes that might have been made to the song descriptions and pointers, the content is the same as the first pressing, although the layout of the table of contents is slightly different. The cover is a pink marbleized color. The CD also comes in a plastic insert built into the cover of the book.

    SS reissue: The reissue has the CD only in a regular jewel case. Liner notes have the tracklist in kana and a message in Japanese titled "FF4 no omoide" (Memories of FF4) from Nobuo Uematsu. It is DIFFERENT from the message found in the earlier pressings. If anyone is willing to translate that, I'll be sure to add it to my site! The back cover has the tracklist in English. This album has a water theme going, with the back cover and liner notes having a design with waves, and the CD being colored blue.

    EverAnime version: Comes in a slipcase and includes the CD in a jewel case, and a softcover book about the size of the jewel case that includes the piano scores. The book has the same content as the other versions; its table of contents follows the layout of the SS version. The "liner notes" in the jewel case is just a single sheet of paper with the cover picture, and no other text inside. Also includes an obi.

    Interesting notes:

    The Prelude
    2Ai no TEEMA
    Theme of Love
    4Machi no TEEMA
    (Town theme)
    Welcome to Our Town!
    (Final Fantasy IV main theme)
    Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
    Into the Darkness
    8Shoujo RIDIA
    (Little girl Rydia)
    (Gilbert's lute)
    Melody of Lute
    10Kuroi kacchu GORUBEEZA
    (Black-armored Golbez)
    Golbeza Clad in the Dark
    11TOROIA kuni
    (Toroia country)
    Troian Beauty
    12BATORU MEDOREI - BATORU 1, BATORU 2, GORUBEIZA yon ten'ou to no BATORU, Saigo no tatakai
    (Battle medley - Battle 1, Battle 2, Golbez's four emperor battles (?), Final battle)
    The Battle
    (Ending theme)
    14Ai no TEEMA - mishuurokukyoku TORAKKU
    (Theme of love - unreleased music track)
    Theme of Love. In the reissue, this track is called "Ai no TEEMA ANSANBURU" (Theme of Love ensemble).

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