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Final Fantasy VI
Special Tracks

FF6 Special Tracks

  • Catalog number: PSDN-6101
    (released in 1994 by NTT Publishing Co., Ltd.)

    6 tracks
    Total playing time: 20:48

  • This 3-inch CD single contains remixed and arranged tracks, apparently from FF6 by the title, but none of the tracks sound familiar. Chris Kohler tells me that most of the tracks on this CD were deleted from the FF6 game, and that "Chikazuku Yokan" was supposed to be a vocal track composed for the game. Hmm...apparently, not even the melody itself of that track made it in the game, because I sure don't recognize it. Thanks for the info, Chris! ^_^

    These songs are available only on this single. Comes with a sticker of the FF6 logo.

    Inside front cover: Lyrics to track 1 in Japanese (kana); fold-out picture of what I assume is the Squaresoft staff and their names.

    Interesting note: A short version of the vocal "Chikazuku Yokan" can be found on a VHS video produced by Square with the extremely original title, "Final Fantasy VI: Original Video." (I am not joking about the name.) The video basically shows some people, Nobuo Uematsu among them, going on a tour of the FF6 world by following some of the game's characters. Each of the main playable characters has a short introduction (sorry, no Gogo or Umaro! ^_~ ) spoken by a voice actor who I think pretty well represents my idea of the characters' voices...I absolutely love whoever did Tina's voice. *_*

    Anyway, the video also has some anime segments, and I'm not sure if they tie into Final Fantasy at all. "Chikazuku Yokan" comes at the end of the FF portion, and -- be prepared for cheese -- the Square staff or whoever they are, are grouped like a church chorus and (supposedly) sing this song. After awhile, they start swaying side to side (think "We Are The World"), and the front row -- where Uematsu is, incidentally -- starts kicking up their feet like a Las Vegas chorus line. I am NOT kidding!

    If anyone can tell me how to turn a video recording into something that can be played on RealPlayer or otherwise, then I can post it here and you can watch it to your heart's content. ^_^

    1Chikazuku yokan (vocal)
    (Approaching premonition)
    2Machi 2
    (Town 2)
    3Machi 3
    (Town 3)
    4TOROIA kuni (RIMEIKU)
    (Toroia country - remake)
    (Techno de chocobo - another mix)
    6Chikazuku yokan (BOUKARURESU VAAJON)
    (Approaching premonition - vocal-less version)

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