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Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-
& Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-
Original Soundtrack

Before Crisis and Last Order OST

  • Square Enix catalog number:
    (released 12/19/07)

  • Miya Records: MICA-0901
  • KO Records: KO-99064
    Music by Takeharu Ishimoto

    27 tracks
    Total playing time: 63:58
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    Soundtrack to the cell phone RPG "Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII." This is another of those CDs that has a beleaguered history, for whatever reason. It was originally scheduled to be released Feb. 28, 2007, but then CD Japan listed it as cancelled. Then it was listed with a new release date of Dec. 19, 2007.

    Information from CD Japan: Original soundtrack to the hit cell phone network RPG "Before Crisis - Final Fantasy VII." This work is part of the "Compilation of FFVII" series and occurs six years before the events of the original "FFVII" PlayStation game. Also includes the "Last Order" BGM portion of the music included with the previously released limited edition "Final Fantasy Advent Children" box set.

    Square Enix version: Comes with an obi. The fold-out liner notes include the tracklist in English; messages from composer Takeharu Ishimoto, "Before Crisis" director Hajime Tabata, BC producer Kousei Itou (spelled "Kosei Ito" in English in the liner notes), "Last Order" publicity producer Akio Ofuji, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura; character artwork from BC; and full-color screenshots from LO. The lyrics to "Theme of Elfe" are printed underneath the see-through CD tray in English with a Japanese (kana) translation. Also comes with a Square Enix point card.

    Interesting note: Akio Ofuji's last name is spelled both "Ohfuji" and "Ofuji" in English in the liner notes. Based on the system of romanization that I use, Ofuji's name should actually be spelled "Oofuji."

    Before Crisis
    1Theme of TURKS (BC-FFVII- Version)3:07
    2Mission 2:09
    4Secret Action3:10
    5Theme of Elfe3:19
    6Black Beat2:38
    7Desperate Crisis3:12
    8Last Labyrinth 2:11
    -Bonus Track-
    10Theme of Elfe (Angel)
    Lyrics and vocal: WAKAKO
    11Theme of Elfe (Devil)
    Lyrics and vocal: WAKAKO
    12Rebirth (Edit)5:13
    Last Order
    131st Climax2:45
    15Pride of Soldier1:15
    16Pursuit 1:09
    17Beyond the Death (from Theme of Tifa)1:13
    18Frenzy of Steel1:10
    19Sneak Attack0:50
    21Serious Attack2:26
    22Brief Reunion (from Theme of Tifa) 0:53
    23The Truth in the Dark1:40
    24Theme of Turks 20051:19
    25Dear Friend1:55
    26Last Order3:32
    -Bonus Track-
    27Last Order (Edit)4:18

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