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Final Fantasy VII:
Dirge of Cerberus
Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus OST

  • Limited edition catalog number: CRCP-40137
    (released 2/15/06 by Nippon Crown)
  • Regular edition catalog number: CRCP-40139
    (released 2/15/06 by Nippon Crown)

  • Miya Records: MICA-0631~3
    Composed, arranged, and produced by Masashi Hamauzu

    2 discs, 53 tracks total
    Total playing time: 2:14:45
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    Contains music to the Playstation 2 game "Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus."

    Limited edition: Comes in a DVD-size case. Includes a deluxe box that is designed to hold the limited-edition DC soundtrack, the limited-edition version of Gackt's single "Redemption" (theme song of DC), and the DC game. If you look closely at the box, you can see Vincent pictured on one side and Gackt (or so I'm assuming) on the other. No obi. Liner notes contents are the same as the regular edition, except the CGI scenes are larger because of the larger space available.

    Regular edition: Comes in a standard-sized jewel case. The inside tray flips up to hold both CDs. Includes obi. Liner notes have CGI scenes from the game and lyrics to "Redemption" and "Longing."

    Miya Records: Comes in a DVD-sized case and includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD. I do not know what's on the DVD.

    Disc 1: 30 tracks, 71:07
    2Calm Before the Storm2:21
    3Trigger Situation2:04
    4Prologue of "DIRGE of CERBERUS"2:47
    5Fragment of Memory4:01
    6Fearful Happening3:53
    7WRO March2:23
    8Azul the Cerulean 2:15
    9Fight Tune "Arms of Shinra"3:13
    10Abhorrence Whirls3:43
    11Silent Edge3:06
    14Ten-Year Reunion3:32
    15Fight Tune "Girl Named Shelke"2:55
    16Fight Tune "Killing One Another"2:11
    17Uneasy Feelings2:51
    18Memories with Lucrecia1:11
    19Sneaky Cait Sith3:57
    22Rosso the Crimson1:24
    23Mysterious Ninja1:11
    24Ninja Girl of Wutai1:24
    25Sudden Parting1:11
    26Discovery in Sadness1:25
    27A Proposal2:17
    29Return to the Subject2:55
    30Marching Tune #00:55

    Disc 2: 23 tracks, 63:38
    1Return to the Origin2:05
    2Marching Tune3:51
    3Fight Tune "Crimson Impact"1:52
    4Under a Full Moon 1:24
    6The Transformation Into Chaos1:17
    7Splinter of Sadness2:03
    8Deep Darkness of Shinra 3:55
    9Lucrecia Crescent3:33
    10Forgotten Tears1:36
    11 Fight Tune "Messenger of the Dark"2:40
    13Fight Tune "The Immaculate"5:04
    14Finally Reborn1:36
    15The Last SND1:37
    16Everyone's Help1:44
    20Death and Rebirth1:07
    21Chaotic End4:29
    23Hope of the Future3:52

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