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Best of Final Fantasy 1994-1999
A Musical Tribute

(reissued as Music Inspired by Final Fantasy)

Best of FF 1994-99

  • Catalog number: EAZ-4032
    (released 9/26/00 by Big Ear Music)
  • Reissue catalog number: 40131-2
    (released 2001 by WB Music Corp.)
  • Performed by the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
  • Soprano: Tamara Woodman
  • Conductor: Larry Steelman

    11 tracks (12 tracks in reissue)
    Total playing time: 37:13 (42:08 in reissue)

    Contains arranged versions of certain songs from FF6, FF7, and FF8. This CD is a domestic release. I have not heard of any plans to export it to Japan. It is available for order at several sites, including:This CD was reissued under the title "Music Inspired by Final Fantasy," with an arranged track by KFSS Studios, the ones in charge of Project Majestic Mix. The arranged track is "Alexandria" from Final Fantasy IX.

    Original liner notes: There are none. The only information given on the back cover is the track list and production credits. And what's on the cover? At first glance it looks like some weird robot, but it's supposed to be the Shinra building. How I figured that out, I have no clue. ^_~

    Reissue liner notes: Tracklist and a short paragraph from the PMM people.

    Final Fantasy VI - 1994
    1Opening Theme 4:24
    2Tina 3:56
    3New Continent 2:32
    Final Fantasy VII - 1997
    4Prelude 3:01
    5Main Theme 3:58
    6Cosmo Canyon 3:39
    7Shinra Army Wages A Full-Scale Attack 2:58
    Final Fantasy VIII - 1999
    8Liberi Fatali 3:09
    9My Mind 3:18
    10The Spy 3:54
    11Mods de Chocobo2:24
    Final Fantasy IX - 2000
    (found only on the reissue)
    12 Alexandria (Vivi's Theme)4:56

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