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  • First pressing: SSCX-10048
    (released 1/24/01 by DigiCube)
  • Squaresoft catalog number:
    (released 1/24/01 by DigiCube)
  • Square Enix re-release:
    SQEX-10027 (released 7/22/04)

  • EverAnime: GM-390
  • Top Circle/Yuanding: FF-06
  • Miya Records: MICA-0118
  • Composed by Nobuo Uematsu
  • Arranged by Shirou Hamaguchi
  • Performed by Louis Leerink

    14 tracks
    Total playing time: 53:50
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    Contains piano versions of selected songs from Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation. There is a book, published by Yamaha Music Media, that has the piano scores to the songs on this CD. Go to Yamaha's site to check it out.

    First pressing: Comes with a black, glossy slipcase. The piano on the slipcase is slightly raised and slightly darker than the rest of the slipcase. (Unfortunately, my scanner can't pick that up too well, so you can't see it in my scans.) It does NOT include an obi. The CD and all the text printed on it is also black, and again, my scanner can't pick that up, so all you see in the scan is a black circle. ^_~ The fold-out liner notes have the tracklist in mixed Japanese (kana) and English; sheet music to "Melodies of Life"; a profile of Louis Leerink; a photo of Shirou Hamaguchi, Leerink, and Nobuo Uematsu; a message from Uematsu; and photos of Leerink playing. Also comes with a customer survey card.

    Squaresoft version: Everything is the same as the first pressing, except that it comes with an obi instead of a slipcase. Also comes with a survey card.

    EverAnime version: There are 2 EverAnime versions that I've seen. I do not know which one is the more common of the two.

    1Eien no houjou Eternal Harvest
    (Eternally fruitful harvest)
    2Inja no shoko DAGEREO
    (Hermit's Library - Daguerreo)
    3Itsuka kaeru tokoro
    (The place I'll return to someday)
    4Vamo' alla flamenco3:01
    5Henkyou no mura DARI
    (Frontier village Dali)
    6Tamashiimuki mura BURAN BARU
    (Spiritless village Bran Bal; Bran Bal, the village without souls)
    7Kienu kanashimi
    (Endless sorrow)
    8Hitori ja nai
    (You're not alone)
    9Nusumenu futari no kokoro ~ Sono tobira no mukou ni
    (Two hearts that can't be stolen ~ Beyond that door)
    (Rose of May)
    11Nemuranai machi TORENO
    (Sleepless city Treno)
    12Todokanu omoi
    (Where thoughts can't reach; Where love doesn't reach)
    13Saigo no tatakai
    (Final battle)
    14Melodies of Life3:32

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