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Final Fantasy III
Yuukyuu no Kaze Densetsu

(Legend of the Eternal Wind)

FF3 Legend of the Eternal Wind

  • First pressing: PSCX-1005
    (released 5/25/90 by Polystar Co., Ltd.)
  • Second pressing: PSCR-5186
    (released 5/25/90)
  • Squaresoft catalog number: PSCR-5252
    (released 3/25/94 by Polystar Co., Ltd.)

  • SonMay: GAME-019
  • EverAnime: GM-202
  • Composed and arranged by Nobuo Uematsu
  • Narrator: Jeff Levy
  • Vocals: dido

    7 tracks
    Total playing time: 52:30

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    This CD is a narrative in English, with music between each "chapter." The legend tells of an evil that came and took the four crystals of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. But the Wind Crystal rose from the Underworld and chose four valiant youths to seek out the other three crystals. Some of the music are medleys of songs from the FF series. Each track has several distinct parts.

    First pressing: Everything is the same as the Squaresoft version, other than having a different catalog number and some slight changes to the credits on the back cover. The obi is red instead of yellow.

    Second printing: Everything is also the same as the SS version, other than having a different catalog number and some slight changes to the credits on the back cover. The obi is also red instead of yellow.

    Squaresoft version: The cover with the Amano artwork is a folded piece, and the actual liner notes are folded up like a mini poster. Liner notes have lyrics to "The Breeze" and "Roaming Sheep"; Yoshitaka Amano illustrations of FF3 characters and monsters; a message from Nobuo Uematsu; and a paragraph of Japanese (kana) along with each song title. I believe the narrative was translated into Japanese (kana), and those translations are what's printed in the liner notes. I'm not sure, though, so don't quote me on that. ^_^ The main track titles are in English, with kana translations.

    SonMay version: Comes with a sticker that has the FF3 logo, the words "Final Fantasy III: Original Sound Version," and some Amano artwork. That's all. No lyrics, nothing. This is the same sticker included with the SM version of the FF3 soundtrack.

    Interesting note: The word "Ebb" is mispelled as "Edd" on the SM CD.

    Titles in bolded italics are the Japanese titles included in the tracklisting.

    1The Evil Power of the Underworld
    Ja'aku no taidou

    (Quickening of evil)
    1aThe first part of this song is the crystal theme. Then comes some really cool intro/conflict music. You can just feel the great earthquake that rocked the world and plunged it into chaos.***
    2Following the Wind
    Kaze no keiji

    (Apocalypse of wind)
    2aA rather soothing instrumental. This one sounds *very* familiar; it sounds like a medley of Matoya's cave music (FF1), airship music, battle music, and ending with victory music.***
    Houkou no tabiji

    (Journey of wandering)
    3aFirst comes the vocal song "Roaming Sheep," sung in English. The first few verses are acapella, with music coming after the bridge. The singer has a rather interesting accent. After "Roaming Sheep" comes chocobo-riding music. Then comes an instrumental of "Once You Meet Her," with a flute as main instrument.***
    4Their Spiritual Leader
    Sono ooinaru michibiki

    (The great guidance)
    4aThe first instrumental sounds like African tribal music, with thumping drums providing the background. I don't know what language they're singing in. Afterwards comes a rather tinny-sounding verse, then what sounds like a piano solo, although it's probably a synthesizer. Next comes the vocal song "The Breeze," sung in English.***
    5Ebb and Flow
    Intoyou no koubou

    (Offense and defense of shadows and light)
    5aThe first instrumental is a mix of Matoya's cave music. Next comes this familiar-sounding song, but I don't remember where I've heard it before. It sounds rather heavy, with a powerful drum beat.***
    6The Dark Cloud
    Kyoubishiki (?) katsubou
    6aThis track is all music, fast-paced.***
    Arata naru sekai

    (World becoming new; New world)
    7aAnother all-instrumental part, with a flute as the main instrument. The tune isn't familiar off the top of my head, but it sounds like it could be airship music. Then comes a segment dominated by horns, I believe. From there it goes into an orchestral version of the FF prologue.***

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