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Final Fantasy VIII


  • First pressing: SSCX-10037
    (released 11/20/99 by DigiCube Co., Ltd.)
  • Squaresoft catalog number: SSCX-10037 (released 11/20/99 by DigiCube Co., Ltd.)
  • Square Enix re-release: SQEX-10025 (released 7/22/04)

  • SonMay: none published
  • EverAnime: GM-229
  • Top Circle/Yuanding: FF-26 (?)
  • Miya Records: MICA-0277
    13 tracks
    Total playing time: 64:17
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    Contains orchestrated versions of selected songs from the Final Fantasy VIII game for the Playstation.

    First pressing: Comes in a milky-white, semi-transparent plastic jewel case. The title of the CD is printed directly on the case, and the liner notes cover is light blue with just the FF8 logo -- no words. They contain: an interview titled, "Future Experiences and Fortunes of Nobuo Uematsu"; and lyrics to "Eyes On Me" in English and "Liberi Fatali" in Latin. Includes customer survey card.

    Squaresoft version: Comes in a regular jewel case. Liner notes cover is white with the FF8 logo and title of the CD, and the content is the same as the first pressing. Includes survey card.

    Square Enix re-release: The jewel case, music content, and liner notes content are pretty much the same as the Squaresoft version, aside from the new catalog number. Also changed was the removal of DigiCube's contact information from the liner notes and the addition of Square Enix's information, and the removal of one of the URLs from the page titled "Future Experiences and Fortunes of Nobuo Uematsu." How do I notice these things? Let's not ask.

    1Liberi Fatali3:08
    2Blue Fields3:37
    3Don't Be Afraid3:49
    4Balamb GARDEN ~ Ami5:16
    5Fisherman's Horizon4:02
    7Eyes On Me5:40
    8The Man with the Machine Gun3:38
    9Dance with the Balamb-fish3:16
    10Love Grows4:35
    11The Oath5:10
    12Ending Theme13:20
    13Fragments of Memories4:05

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