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Final Fantasy VIII
Original Soundtrack
Limited edition

Final Fantasy VIII OST LE

  • Squaresoft catalog number:
    (released 3/1/99 by DigiCube Co., Ltd.)

  • SonMay catalog number:
  • EverAnime catalog number: GM-108, 109, 110, 111
  • Archer Records catalog number: S-076-01~04
    4 discs, 74 tracks total
    Total playing time: 4:09:22

    Liner notes translation

    Related works (non-bootleg)

    Sheet music from AnimeNation
    Sheet music from Gamemusic.com

    Soundtrack to the Final Fantasy VIII game for the PlayStation. The tracklist is the same as the regular edition.

    Squaresoft version:

    Comes in a long beige box measuring 10" by 5.75" and which opens up like a folder. The liner notes include a "Special Interview" of Nobuo Uematsu, done by Yoshitake Maeda, which is NOT included in the regular edition. Otherwise, the liner notes have the same text and pictures as the regular edition, except now they're scaled to fit in 10 inches by 5.75 inches, so all of the CG images are larger. The liner notes are "sewn" into the inside spine of the box. The tracklist is the same as the regular edition. Also comes with a customer survey card.

    There's a misspelling in the liner notes, in the little bit below Faye Wong's picture and profile advertising the "Eyes On Me" CD single. It's spelled "Eye On Me" instead. This error can also be found in the regular-edition Squaresoft release. I don't know if any of the bootlegs have this error, because I found this long after I had gotten rid of my bootleg CDs.

    SonMay version:

    Comes in a long beige box measuring 10" by 5.75", similar to the SS version. Does NOT have an obi. The box has a hinged lid that fits over the bottom part, closing like a gift box. This version does NOT have the song "Eyes On Me." The liner notes are separate from the box and are stapled into booklet form. It has all the text and pictures as in the SS version, EXCEPT the English and Japanese lyrics to "Eyes On Me." Instead of the "Eyes On Me" lyrics on page 17 (yes, they numbered the pages!), the liner notes have the famous picture of Rinoa "flying" between Squall and Seifer. It also doesn't have the credits to "Eyes On Me" and the Ending Theme on page 19 (probably because Ending Theme incorporates Eyes On Me); instead of the music credits, there's just a black space. Also, all company names have been removed from the credits.

    Each SM version also apparently comes with a random two CDs of other soundtracks produced by SM, with liner notes and back tray covers but NO jewel cases. Mine came with the two-disc soundtrack to FEDA: The Emblem of Justice (GAME-076-077). Stamped on the cover and CDs of the FEDA soundtrack are Chinese characters that in Japanese translate roughly to "gift articles." (If that sounds weird, remember that the Japanese kanji characters are actually Chinese characters and generally have the same meanings as they do in Chinese.)

    EverAnime version 1:

    Comes in a long beige box measuring 10" by 5.75", similar to the SS version. Does NOT have an obi. The liner notes are stapled to the inside spine of the box, and several pages were in the wrong order in the copy I had. Otherwise, they have the same content and layout as the SS version (they even keep all company names in the credits!). The CDs look exactly the same as the ones in the smaller EA version 2; please see the links below for scans.

    EverAnime version 2:

    Comes in a double-CD jewel case with obi. Does NOT have a slipcase. The liner notes fit inside the jewel case. They have mostly the same content as the SS version, but the layout and sizing of the screenshots and text have been changed to fit EA's own needs. Also, it does NOT have the two CG images of Squall looking out from the boat and Rinoa in the wildflower field. It does have all the same text as the SS version, except that some of the pages were put in the wrong order in the copy that I had. (Incidentally, they're in the same wrong order as the liner notes in the large EA version.)

    Archer Records version:

    This is the only version I know of so far that Archer Records released. I'm assuming it's a "limited edition" because it uses the same beige color scheme as the others. Comes in a fat squarish box measuring about 5" by 5.75" by 2.125". The box has a hinged lid that fits over the bottom part, closing like a gift box. Each CD comes in individual jewel cases with a simple piece of paper for the cover and the tracklist printed on the back. The liner notes are included with disc 1 and contain: all the CG images used in the SS version; lyrics to "Liberi Fatali" in Latin, kana, and Chinese; and lyrics to "Eyes On Me" in English, kana, and Chinese. The soundtrack is only 4 CDs, but for some reason, the box can fit five jewel cases, so there's an extra, empty one at the bottom of the box. Also comes with a customer survey sheet.

    Interesting notes:

    Tracklisting: The tracklist is the same as the regular-edition version; please check there for the complete listing.

    Related works: CDs with arranged music of FF8 music. Please check the FF8 regular edition page for related works. All arrangements of the FF Prelude, FF Prologue, the Victory Theme, and the Chocobo Theme are listed with the FF1 soundtrack.

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