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Final Fantasy VIII
Original Soundtrack

Final Fantasy VIII OST

  • Squaresoft catalog number:
    (released 3/1/99 by DigiCube)
  • Square Enix re-release:
    (released 5/10/04)

  • SonMay: none published
  • EverAnime: GM-108, 109, 110, 111
  • Top Circle/Yuanding: FF-18~21
  • KO Records: KO-99005-8
  • Miya Records: MICA-0075~8
    4 discs, 74 tracks total
    Total playing time: 4:09:22

    Liner notes translation

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    Soundtrack to the Final Fantasy VIII game for the PlayStation.

    Squaresoft version:

    Comes in double-CD jewel case with slipcase. Does NOT have an obi. The liner notes have a plain white front cover with the FF8 logo on it. They contain the tracklist in English; a message from Nobuo Uematsu; an interview with Uematsu called "Privately Attack Nobuo Uematsu with Questions"; lyrics to "Liberi Fatali" in Latin and Japanese (kana); lyrics to "Eyes on Me" in English and kana; portraits of some of the main characters; and full-color screenshots taken from some of the game's FMVs. The CDs look exactly the same as the ones in the limited-edition version; please check those links for pictures. Also comes with customer survey card; and a small sticker sheet with Laguna, Squall, Squall and Rinoa, and the FF8 logo.

    There's a misspelling in the liner notes, in the little bit below Faye Wong's picture and profile advertising the "Eyes On Me" CD single. It's spelled "Eye On Me" instead. This error can also be found in the limited edition. I don't know if any of the bootlegs have this error, because I found this long after I had gotten rid of my bootleg CDs.

    Square Enix re-release:

    No image yet. I'm kinda tired.Almost everything from the jewel case to the slipcase to the music content is basically the same as the Squaresoft version, except the CDs are white. Barring any corrections or slight text changes that might have been made in the liner notes that I didn't catch, the content and style of the liner notes and the music are the same as the SS version. The only real differences are the new catalog number, the removal of DigiCube's website from the liner notes, and the addition of Square Enix's site in the liner notes. Also, the "Eye On Me" error that was in the SS version has been corrected in this one.

    EverAnime version:

    Comes in double-CD jewel case with slipcase. Does NOT have an obi. The liner notes are in the same style and have the same content as the SS version. The CDs look exactly the same as the ones in the EA limited-edition version; please check those links for pictures.

    Interesting notes:

    All song titles are capitalized and spelled exactly how they appear in the tracklist.

    Disc 1: 23 tracks, 62:04
    1Liberi Fatali3:07
    2Balamb GARDEN3:29
    3Blue Fields2:54
    4Don't be Afraid2:52
    5The Winner1:07
    6Find Your Way3:47
    8The Landing4:36
    9Starting Up1:19
    10Force Your Way3:53
    11The Loser1:26
    12Never Look Back3:23
    13Dead End1:11
    15Shuffle or Boogie2:04
    16Waltz for the Moon3:00
    17Tell Me3:24
    19The Man with the Machine Gun2:49
    21Roses and Wine2:18
    23Timber Owls2:51

    Disc 2: 19 tracks, 62:29
    1My Mind 3:12
    2The Mission3:36
    3Martial Law3:48
    4Cactus Jack (Galbadian Anthem)1:30
    5Only a Plank Between One and Perdition2:24
    7Galbadia GARDEN3:37
    9Under Her Control3:30
    10The Stage is Set 3:39
    11A Sacrifice3:26
    13Intruders 2:31
    14Premonition 4:36
    16Fragments of Memories3:13

    Disc 3: 20 tracks, 63:35
    1The Spy 3:46
    3Movin' 5:17
    4Blue Sky0:44
    6Heresy 4:10
    7Fisherman's Horizon3:35
    8ODEKA ke Chocobo 1:15
    9Where I Belong3:40
    10The Oath3:25
    11Slide Show Part1 1:23
    12Slide Show Part2 1:47
    13Love Grows4:28
    14The Salt Flats3:36
    15Trust Me3:13
    16Silence and Motion5:47
    17Dance With the Balamb-fish 3:39
    18Tears of the moon1:12
    19Residents 3:08
    20Eyes on Me
    Sung by Faye Wong

    Disc 4: 12 tracks, 61:14
    1Mods de Chocobo (featuring N's Telecaster) 2:24
    2Ride On3:02
    3Truth 3:40
    4Lunatic Pandora3:28
    5Compression of Time4:34
    6The Castle 5:19
    7The Legendary Beast 5:50
    8Maybe I'm a Lion5:34
    9The Extreme 6:44
    10The Successor3:37
    11Ending Theme 13:20

    Related works: CDs with arranged music of FF8 music. All arrangements of "Eyes On Me" are listed on that song's page. All arrangements of the FF Prelude, FF Prologue, the Victory Theme, and the Chocobo Theme are listed with the FF1 soundtrack.

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