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Mahoroba Final Fantasy Song Book

Mahoroba Final Fantasy Song Book

  • First pressing: UPCH-1332
    (released 3/10/04 by Universal Music)
  • Square Enix catalog number: UPCH-1332
    (released 3/10/04 by Universal Music)

  • Miya Records (Taiwan bootleg): MICA-0160
  • Sung by Manami Kiyota
  • Arranged by Nobuo Uematsu

    10 tracks, plus 1 hidden track
    Total playing time: 50:18
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    More info at CD Japan

    Contains vocal and instrumental versions of selected music from the first Final Fantasy to FF11.

    This poor, beleaguered CD has an interesting history, and I say it's because of CD Japan. ^_~ First we heard it was being released, then CD Japan listed it as cancelled, then the site put it back up again. I didn't hear of anyone getting any definite info from Square Enix themselves, though, so I don't know what was behind all the shenanigans. Apparently the CD was released as scheduled.

    If you try to order from CD Japan, the site will say the CD is no longer available when you check out. You can order the CD from Play-Asia or Amazon Japan. You can also order quite a lot of other FF merchandise at AJ, so it's probably worth checking out. Just remember the site is all in Japanese! The account creation menu, though, is in English (and very good English, I might add), so you won't have any trouble buying items. It's just *finding* the items that might be troublesome.

    First pressing: The liner notes include a message from Nobuo Uematsu; tracklist in mixed English and Japanese (kana); and lyrics to the vocal songs. Also comes with a sticker sheet with varying styles of the CD's name, and an ad for the "Tour de Japon" concert series featuring FF music that went across Japan from March 12 to April 16, 2004.

    Square Enix version: Barring any corrections or slight text changes that I didn't catch, the liner notes, music and CD are the same as the first version. The only real differences are the new catalog number. It also comes with the "Tour de Japon" ad, but it does NOT have the sticker sheet.

    Miya Records version: The liner notes are exactly the same as the first pressing, except all company names have been removed from the credits.

    Interesting notes:

    1Itsuka kaeru tokoro
    (The place I shall return to someday)
    From FF9
    2Natsu no ARUBAMU -Eyes On Me Nihongo Ver.-
    (Summer album -Eyes On Me Japanese version-)
    From FF8
    3Tabun, SAYONARA
    Based on "Bokujou no shounen" from FF7
    Based on "Furusato no machi URU" from FF3
    5Fisherman's Horizon
    From FF8
    6Ama'agari, sanpomichi
    (After the rain, a stroll)
    Based on "Shinobi no matsuei" from FF7
    7Ashita no yume mo wasurete
    (Also forgetting tomorrow's dream)
    From FF9
    Based on "Haruka naru furusato" from FF5
    10Meguru hikari
    (Revolving light)
    Based on "Todokanu omoi" from FF9. The actual song is only about 6:25 long; the rest is silence and the hidden track.
    (10a)(Itsuka kaeru tokoro)
    Keep the CD playing after track 10 is over and at around 7:35, you'll hear this song.

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