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Final Fantasy Remix

Final Fantasy Remix

  • Square Enix catalog number: SQEX-10119
    (released 8/6/08)

  • Miya Records: MICA-0984
    12 tracks
    Total playing time: 55:35

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    Contains remixed versions of various FF tunes, including remixes of arranged music, such as from various piano collections. I agree with someone's declaration that this is the worst Final Fantasy album cover ever.

    Square Enix version: Comes in a slimline cardboard (not plastic) "jewel" case. There are no separate liner notes. All the credits and the tracklist are printed on the inside cover, mostly in English. Credits include a profile in Japanese (kana) of Ante, which is made up of musicians Ian Hartley and mattb, who was responsible for the remixing and production of all the songs on this album.

    1 Prelude / Final Fantasy I5:03
    2 Eternal Wind / Final Fantasy III4:57
    3 Terra's Theme / Piano Collections Final Fantasy VI4:31
    4 Opening - Bombing Mission / Final Fantasy VII5:36
    5 JENOVA / Final Fantasy VII5:14
    6 Liberi Fatali / Final Fantasy VIII4:02
    7 Blue Fields / Final Fantasy VIII5:34
    8 The Final Battle / Final Fantasy IX4:21
    9 Zanarkand / Final Fantasy X3:47
    10 Ronfaure / Final Fantasy XI5:04
    11 Maybe I'm a Lion / Final Fantasy VIII3:25
    12 Mambo de Chocobo / Final Fantasy V4:01

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