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Final Fantasy XI Online
Original Soundtrack

FF11 soundtrack

  • Squaresoft catalog number: SSCX-10069-70
    (released 6/5/02 by DigiCube)
  • Square Enix re-release:
    (released 5/10/04)

  • Alion International Records: ALCA-8028-9
  • Smile Face International Records: KA-004~5
    Music by Naoshi Mizuta, Kumi Tanioka and Nobuo Uematsu

    2 discs, 51 tracks total
    Total playing time: 2:30:00

    Liner notes translation

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    Soundtrack to Final Fantasy 11, the first online Final Fantasy, for the Playstation 2, PC, Xbox and Xbox 360.

    Squaresoft version:

    Comes in a standard-sized jewel case with obi, with a flip-up plastic tray inside to hold both CDs. The liner notes contain screenshots from the game; tracklist in English; messages from the three composers Naoshi Mizuta, Kumi Tanioka and Nobuo Uematsu; a rather clever series of pictures of the three composers standing back-to-back, and the person facing the camera changing one at a time to eventually showcase all three people; and lyrics to "Memoro de la S^tono" in Roman characters, but I have no clue what language it's in (probably the language of FF11, whatever it's called), along with a Japanese (kana) translation.

    Square Enix version:

    Barring any corrections or slight text changes that might have been made to the text that I didn't catch, the liner notes, CDs and music are the same as the original Squaresoft version. The only real differences are the new catalog number, the removal of Digicube/Squaresoft information and the addition of Square Enix information.

    Smile Face version:

    Comes in a standard-sized jewel case with obi, with a flip-up plastic tray inside to hold both CDs. The liner notes are missing three pages of screenshots that were in the SS version, which throws off the composers' pictures. Otherwise, the style and content are the same as the SS version, except that all company names have been removed from the credits.

    Interesting note: The song name "Memoro de la S^tono" in the original Squaresoft version and the limited edition has been changed (possibly corrected?) to "Memoro de la Ŝtono" in the Square Enix reprint and in the premium box. Yes, the circumflex marks appear exactly like that in the respective tracklists.

    Tracks with a star ( * ) in front were composed by Uematsu. Tracks with a plus ( + ) were composed by Mizuta. All others were composed by Tanioka.

    Disc 1: 21 tracks, 75:36
    1* FFXI Opening Theme
    Legend - The Crystal Theme, Memory of the People, Memoro de la S^tono, Memory of the Wind
    2+ Vana'diel March3:18
    3+ The Kingdom of San d'Oria4:34
    4* Ronfaure4:57
    5+ Battle Theme2:17
    6+ Chateau d'Oraguille4:33
    7+ Batallia Downs4:30
    8The Republic of Bastok2:53
    11+ Rolanberry Fields2:27
    12+ The Federation of Windurst3:12
    13+ Heavens Tower6:25
    14+ Sarutabaruta2:47
    15+ Battle in the Dungeon2:27
    16+ Sauromugue Champaign5:23
    17+ Mhaura2:51
    18+ Buccaneers1:55
    19+ Battle Theme #22:27
    20+ Voyager2:14
    21+ Selbina2:17

    Disc 2: 30 tracks, 75:24
    1* Prelude1:18
    3+ Hume Male1:53
    4Hume Female1:06
    5+ Elvaan Male1:52
    6Elvaan Female1:27
    7+ Tarutaru Male1:27
    8Tarutaru Female0:50
    10+ Galka1:40
    11* Airship2:19
    12+ The Grand Duchy of Jeuno2:23
    13Ru'Lude Gardens2:31
    14* Recollection3:09
    15* Anxiety2:44
    16+ Battle in the Dungeon #21:33
    17+ Blackout0:43
    18+ Mog House3:29
    19* Hopelessness1:53
    21+ Tough Battle3:00
    22* Sorrow2:38
    23* Sometime, Somewhere1:47
    24+ Xarcabard4:29
    25* Despair (Memoro de la S^tono)2:26
    26+ Castle Zvahl9:10
    27Shadow Lord1:51
    29* Repression (Memoro de la S^tono)3:07
    30+ Vana'diel March #24:22

    Related works: CDs with arrangements of FF11 tunes. All arrangements of the FF Prelude, FF Prologue, the Victory Theme, and the Chocobo Theme are listed with the FF1 soundtrack.

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