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Final Fantasy XI:
Music From the Other Side of Vana'diel

Music From the Other Side of Vana'diel

  • Square Enix catalog number: SQEX-10050
    (released 8/24/05)

  • Miya Records: MICA-0541
    Arranged by The Star Onions (Naoshi Mizuta, Kumi Tanioka, and Masato Koda)

    Original music by Naoshi Mizuta and Kumi Tanioka

    10 tracks
    Total playing time: 53:21

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    Contains selected FF11 tunes arranged by The Star Onions, a band led by Naoshi Mizuta, who did most of the music for the FF11 soundtrack.

    Square Enix version: The fold-out liner notes include lyrics in English to "Blessed in Her Glorious Light," with a translation into Japanese (printed in Japanese kana).

    Miya Records version: The liner notes are in the same style and have the same content as the SE version.

    1 Vana'diel March2:34
    2 Metalworks6:35
    3 Rolanberry Fields5:55
    4 Kazham6:08
    5 The Forgotten City - Tavnazian Safehold4:16
    6 Mog House3:04
    7 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah6:03
    8 Awakening5:52
    9 Selbina5:23
    10 Blessed in Her Glorious Light -The Grand Duchy of Jeuno-
    (Megami no hikari ni tsutsumarete -JUNO taikoukoku no TEEMA yori-)
    (Enveloped in the light of the goddess -From "The Grand Duchy of Jeuno"-

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