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Final Fantasy XI: PUROMASHIA no Jubaku
Original Soundtrack

(Spell of Promathia;
Chains of Promathia)

FF11 Chains of Promathia soundtrack

  • Square Enix catalog number: SQEX-10041
    (released 11/17/04)

  • Miya Records: MICA-0372
    All music composed, arranged and produced by Naoshi Mizuta

    24 tracks
    Total playing time: 78:20

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    Contains music from the second expansion to Final Fantasy XI Online for the PC, titled "PUROMASHIA no Jubaku" (Spell of Promathia), which has been renamed "Chains of Promathia" in the U.S. release.

    Square Enix version: The fold-out liner notes have the tracklist in English; screenshots from the game; and a message from composer Naoshi Mizuta.

    Interesting notes:

    2Moblin Menagerie - Movalpolos4:37
    3Depths of the Soul2:41
    4Faded Memories - Promyvion5:25
    5Currents of Time4:23
    6First Ode: Nocturne of the Gods0:57
    7A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago3:33
    9The Forgotten City - Tavnazian Safehold2:44
    10Second Ode: Distant Promises2:31
    11The Ruler of the Skies1:31
    13Third Ode: Memoria de la Ŝtona
    (Yes, it's spelled "Ŝtona" in the tracklists.)
    14Happily Ever After2:41
    15Conflict: You Want to Live Forever?3:54
    16Conflict: March of the Hero3:31
    17Fourth Ode: Clouded Dawn1:43
    18Words Unspoken - Pso'Xja4:14
    19Fifth Ode: A Time for Prayer1:40
    20The Celestial Capital - Al'Taieu7:26
    21Gates of Paradise - The Garden of Ru'Hmet6:34
    22Dusk and Dawn2:42
    23A New Morning4:35
    24Gustaberg (Bonus Track)3:33

    Related works: CDs with arrangements of Chains of Promathia tunes. Please check the original FF11 page for arrangements of other FF11 songs. All arrangements of the FF Prelude, FF Prologue, the Victory Theme, and the Chocobo Theme are listed with the FF1 soundtrack.

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