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Final Fantasy X-2
Vocal Collection: Paine

FFX-2 Vocal Collection: Paine

  • Avex/Square Enix catalog number: AVCD-30485
    (released 7/16/03 by avex trax)

  • Alion International Records (Taiwan bootleg): ALCA-8234
    Sung by Megumi Toyoguchi

    1 CD and 1 DVD
    4 CD tracks, 3 DVD tracks
    Total CD playing time: 16:17

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    This is an Avex copy-protected CD. This is a CD/DVD combo. Includes a vocalized version of Paine's theme from the Final Fantasy X-2 game for the Playstation 2. The DVD is region 2 (Europe, Japan) and contains CGI and FMV footage from the game and an interview with Paine's voice actress, Megumi Toyoguchi, talking about her work on the game.

    Avex/Square Enix version:

    Comes in a double-CD jewel case, the edges of which are colored light gray in keeping with a "color theme" of each of the three women in the series. Comes with an obi. The fold-out liner notes include lyrics in Japanese (kana) to the vocal songs; a picture and very brief profile of Megumi Toyoguchi; and a pinup of Paine on the opposite side of the text that takes up the entire space. Also comes with the same two flyers that were included in the Yuna vocal CD, except the "gift campaign" ad is black-colored.

    Alion version:

    This one-CD collection contains the music (including the karaokes) from all three of the X-2 vocal collection series: Yuna, Paine, and Rikku, for a total playing time of 50:55. For more info on this CD, please check the misc FF CDs page.

    CD tracks
    1Nemuru omoi...
    (Sleeping memories)
    2Misty Eyed4:48
    3Nemuru omoi... (instrumental)
    Karaoke version of the vocal song
    4Misty Eyed (instrumental)
    Karaoke version of the vocal song
    1Nemuru omoi...
    Music video with FMV and in-game scenes intersperced with footage of Toyoguchi.
    2Toyoguchi Megumi INTABYUU
    (Interview with Megumi Toyoguchi)
    3Final Fantasy X-2 Special Movie
    ~Paine Version~

    A collage of FMV and in-game footage centering on Paine.

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