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Final Fantasy X-2
Vocal Collection: Yuna

FFX-2 Vocal Collection: Yuna

  • Avex/Square Enix catalog number: AVCD-30481
    (released 7/16/03 by avex trax)

  • Alion International Records (Taiwan bootleg): ALCA-8234
    Sung by Mayuko Aoki

    1 CD and 1 DVD
    4 CD tracks, 3 DVD tracks
    Total CD playing time: 18:57

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    This is an Avex copy-protected CD. This is a CD/DVD combo. Includes a vocalized version of Yuna's theme from the Final Fantasy X-2 game for the Playstation 2. The DVD is region 2 (Europe, Japan) and contains CGI and FMV footage from the game and an interview with Yuna's voice actress Mayuko Aoki, talking about her work on the game.

    Avex/Square Enix version:

    Comes in a double-CD jewel case, the edges of which are colored blue in keeping with a "color theme" of each of the three women in the series. Comes with an obi. The fold-out liner notes include lyrics in Japanese (kana) to "Kimi e" and "Morning glow"; a picture and very brief profile of Mayuko Aoki; and a pinup of Yuna on the opposite side of the text that takes up the entire space. Also comes with a flyer explaining Avex's copy-protection, and a blue-colored advertisement for a "gift campaign": If you bought all 3 FFX-2 Vocal Collection CDs and sent in the proofs of purchase, you could get one of three special items. On the back of that flyer is an ad for a "Minimum Collection" of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine -- basically, 3 figures each about 2 inches high. Now that I look at these figures more carefully, they just look like Legos.

    Alion version:

    This one-CD collection contains the music (including the karaokes) from all three of the X-2 vocal collection series: Yuna, Paine, and Rikku, for a total playing time of 50:55. For more info on this CD, please check the misc FF CDs page.

    CD tracks
    1Kimi e.
    (To you.)
    2Morning Glow4:28
    3Kimi e. (instrumental)
    Karaoke version of the vocal song
    4Morning Glow (instrumental)
    Karaoke version of the vocal song
    1Kimi e.
    Music video with FMV and in-game scenes intersperced with footage of Aoki.
    2Aoki Mayuko INTABYUU
    (Interview with Mayuko Aoki)
    3Final Fantasy X-2 Special Movie
    ~Yuna Version~

    A collage of FMV and in-game footage centering on Yuna.

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