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Suteki da ne

(Final Fantasy X theme)

Suteki da ne - FFX theme

(Cover pic taken from PlayOnline)

  • Squaresoft catalog number: SSCX-10053
    (released 7/18/01 by DigiCube/Square Sounds Co., Ltd.)
  • Square Enix re-release: SQEX-10029
    (released 7/22/04)
  • Preorder edition: SSCX-10053
    (released 7/18/01 by DigiCube/Square Sounds Co., Ltd.)
    Sung by Rikki

    4 tracks
    Total playing time: 20:35

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    This 5-inch CD single contains "Suteki da ne," the theme song for Final Fantasy X for the PlayStation 2. Includes a new vocal arrangement of Aeris' theme from Final Fantasy VII, written by Final Fantasy IX vocalist Emiko Shiratori and performed by Rikki. My scan shows the original, shrinkwrapped Japanese release.

    Squaresoft version: Comes in standard-sized jewel case. Liner notes have lyrics in Japanese (kana); pics of Rikki; CG shots of Tidus and Yuna. Also includes a newsletter in Japanese titled "Sound's Room vol. 2."

    Square Enix re-release: The jewel case, music content, and CD appearance are pretty much the same as the Squaresoft version, except for the new catalog number. Also changed in the liner notes was the removal of all DigiCube/Square Sounds information, and the addition of Square Enix information. Aside from that, barring any other corrections or slight text changes that might have been made in the liner notes that I didn't catch, the content and style of the liner notes are the same as the SS version. Comes with an obi.

    Preorder edition: Everything is the same as the regular edition, except that it includes a slipcase. Also includes obi. According to a Yahoo Japan auction I read, people got this CD if they preordered FF10 through a convenience store such as 7-Eleven. (Yes, you *can* preorder games at convenience stores in Japan. ^_~ )

    1Suteki da ne
    (Isn't it beautiful?)
    2Gotsuki-sama ~UTIKISAMA~
    (The moon)
    3Pure Heart
    Vocalized version of Aeris' theme from the FF7 OST
    4Suteki da ne

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