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Tsuki no akari
-Final Fantasy IV Ai no TEEMA-

Tsuki no akari

  • Catalog number: BVCR-19727
    (released 12/5/07 by Square Enix/BMG Japan)
    Sung by Megumi Ida

    4 tracks
    Total playing time: 16:22
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    Theme song to the upcoming Final Fantasy IV re-release for the Nintendo DS. Includes a DVD (region 2) with the music video for "Tsuki no Akari" and a couple of promotional movies for the game.

    Personally, I don't like this version of the song as much as I like the one done previously by Risa Ohki. Ohki has a much stronger voice, compared to Ida's rather breathless tones.

    Square Enix version: Comes in a regular-sized jewel case with an inside tray that flips up to hold both discs. There is no back paper cover. The liner notes include CGI character designs of Cesil, Cain, Rosa, Rydia, Gilbart, Edge, Yang, Porom and Palom; lyrics to "Tsuki no akari" in Japanese (kana); a photo and brief profile of Megumi Ida; and artwork by Yoshitaka Amano of some of the main characters that includes child Rydia, Tellah, and Cid. And yes, those are how the names are spelled in English in the liner notes.

    1Tsuki no akari -FAINARU FANTAJII IV Ai no TEEMA-
    (The light of the moon -Final Fantasy IV Theme of Love-)
    2Ai no TEEMA -DS han-
    (Theme of love -DS version-)
    3Ai no TEEMA -SFC han-
    (Theme of love -Super Famicom version-)
    4Tsuki no akari -FAINARU FANTAJII IV Ai no TEEMA- (karaoke)
    (The light of the moon -Final Fantasy IV Theme of Love- karaoke)
    DVD playlist
    1Promotion video - CG version
    Intersperces CG scenes from the game with scenes from the solo version of Megumi Ida singing. As you can probably tell from the playtime, it cuts out a couple verses of the song.
    2Promotion video - Solo version
    Pure music video of Ida singing
    3Promotion CG Movie - Tokyo Game Show 2007
    This is the trailer that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show and was available on Square Enix's site. It uses CG scenes and regular scenes from the game.

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